Inching towards mediocrity.

Top Five Movies That Have an Important Environmental Message! (And Beat You Over The Head With It!)

Movies are great. Movies with a message…not so much.

Now, I’m not saying that I only enjoy mindless entertainment full of one-liners and blood and gore splattering over naked women while they blast away at zombies with artillery that is needlessly devastating (though, I have to admit, that’s pretty okay too), I’m just saying that if you want to teach me something with your film, at least make an attempt to be subtle.

For the record, this is not subtle.

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The Great 2009 Wrap-Up! (Now with 100% less 2009, from here on in!)

I’ve decided to do a fairly quick (and fairly arbitrary) wrap-up of the best and worst of 2009. This list will mostly cover television, with a film list tomorrow. I say arbitrary due to the fact that I have the memory equivalency of a goldfish – that is to say, I can’t really remember much about the year before, say, November. As such, this list will be far from absolute – it will instead be a more subjective list detailing my personal highs and lows of the 2009 television season.

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