Inching towards mediocrity.

Top Five Alternatives to Alternative Transportation. (Now with 32% more Segways!)

As we all know, driving your car around the city is not only hazardous to the environment, but do to poor drivers and road conditions, can also be hazardous to your safety – and that’s not even counting the levels of stress and frustration that seem to come with it. But people love their cars, I guess.

TOTALLY worth it.

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Stone Temple Pilots STILL kick-ass. (Now with 51% less heroin! I think.)


I’m beginning to get a little bit concerned that I’m becoming one of “those” music fans. The kind I used to make fun of for being to old, to stubborn and to locked into their own era of music, uninterested in expanding their listening experiences to anything beyond the music they know – the music they grew up with. People who still listen to “the Eagles” or “the Doobie Brothers” even though so much music has come out since then, and neither band was very good to begin with anyways. I was always confidant that this then would never be me. I’m young! I’m hip! I’m in the “know!” I keep up with whatever’s young and hip and in the “know!” Right? RIGHT?

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