Inching towards mediocrity.

Top five of the funny – people, that is. (Now with 12% more State of Affairs!)

Comedy has always been very important to me. Whereas many of my peers grew up learning an instrument, or musical notation, I was attempting to hone my skills as a comedian. People like George Carlin, Richard Pryor and Steve Martin were my rock stars, and the people I invariably looked up to.

Now I’m all growed up, and really, little has changed.
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Rip Torn is the most badass 78-year-old bank robber you’ll ever meet. (And pray that you never do).

Rip Torn, the actor best known for his Emmy-award winning role on “The Larry Sanders Show” (and also for hitting Norman Mailer in the head with a hammer) has apparently been arrested for – and I’m not making this up – alleged armed robbery of a bank in Conneticut while intoxicated. Also, he’s seventy-eight years old.


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An open letter to George Lucas. (Now with 99% more chin fat!)

George Lucas has returned, and may god have mercy on all of us.

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Pandora’s box. (Now with 30% more o’dem “Avatar” blues!)

I saw James Cameron’s “Avatar” over the weekend. For whatever reason, the previews for this movie left me a bit cold, and it really wasn’t at the top of my list of movies to see this year. Despite being a huge fan of Cameron’s work, and despite this movie supposedly being a “huge game-changer” for cinema, my expectations were startlingly low. But this isn’t a review of “Avatar.” (Though I’m sure some of my thoughts on it will leak into the article). No, instead I’ve decided to focus on a far more disturbing subject. For you see, apparently James Cameron’s “Avatar” leads to severe depression and suicidal thoughts. And no, I’m not making this up.

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The Great 2009 Wrap-Up, Continued! (Now with 100% more 2010 from here on in!)

We continue to look back on a year full of hits, misses, and misplaced Michael Jackson nostalgia.

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