Inching towards mediocrity.

Urine for a real treat.

So, while out interwebbing my day away (a common – and, at times, dangerous – hobby of mine) I stumbled upon an interesting theory. A theory that will affect our very lives in the near future.

And, as with most good theories, it involves drinking copious amounts of urine.

Your move, toilet.

Robert Roy Britt, managing editor of, believes that in the future, millions of Americans will resort to drinking their own urine in a desperate bid to stay hydrated in a world without fresh water.

(Kind of sounds like the trailer for a bad Roland Emmerich movie).

“In a world without fresh water…one man will be forced to make a choice. One woman will be forced to love again. And one nation will be forced to make the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE…”

Starring Nicolas Cage as the toilet bowl.


Due in large part to the planets lack of fresh water sources (though we ARE sitting pretty up here in Canada) and the possibility of imminent drought, Britt theorizes that humans in arid areas such as Arizona (where Britt himself is based) may one day have to rely on treated sewage (water that contains human waste) for drinking water.

Sound disgusting? Of course it does! But here’s the rub, oh reader of mine – some places are already doing it.

Some places like Orange County, California, to be more specific.

Well. This explains a lot.

Of course to the layman, drinking pee water sounds absolutly disgusting. (Which I feel is a fair reaction). But it’s not that simple. Or even that disgusting.

Allow me to explain.

Since 2008, the OC has been pumping their sewage water into the homes of millions of Mischa Bartons and Adam Brodys and Peter Gallaghers, creating a county full of hot women, nerdy douchebags, and giant eyebrows, utilizing a system called the Groundwater Replenishment System. It’s a process that takes about 45 minutes, but leaves you with water that actually exceeds the standards of most drinking water, through a rigorous filtering and distillation process. The GRS manages to turn 96 gallons of waste water into 70 gallons of drinking water on a daily basis, which, let’s be honest – is pretty damn impressive.


glass of water

With only the slightest hint of ammonia.

It may sound like a last resort, or some sort of post-apocalyptic necessity, but when you get right down to the nitty gritty – it makes a lot of sense. We are wasting literally BILLIONS of gallons of water on a daily basis. Why not harness some of that water? We recycle plastic, paper, cardboard; is water really that far-fetched? Even if it does involve pee and poop?

It doesn’t seem to bother the people of the O.C. – so perhaps the road to the future IS paved with gold.


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