Inching towards mediocrity.

James Bond Goes Green. (Or he would, if he were, you know…real).

I was daydreaming at work the other day (as I’m want to do from time to time) when I started thinking about James Bond. Not in any weird way, mind you (minus the general weirdness of a grown man thinking about James Bond in the middle of the day while, ostensibly, hard at work) (I wasn’t). No, I was thinking about James Bond’s penchant for gadgets, and the environmental part of my mind began to wonder what it would be like if James Bond went green. Would he still have those wonderful gadgets? Or would his desire to leave a smaller carbon footprint on the planet he’s been saving from cat loving super-villains for since the early 1960’s curb his gadgetry excess for good?

The majority of his enemies lairs and schemes run on natural volcano power. So they're good.

As with most things in life, the internet provided me with my answer.

Designer David Cardoso has created a concept car for the ages. (Actually, probably just ages 8-12). His concept design combines three of man’s greatest inventions into one gloriously far-fetched mutant hybrid. Cars. Boats. Electricity. Finally together, in a single mind-bendingly awesome package. Ladies and gentlemen I give you – the Audie Hydron.

Oh, James!

The Hydron, or “Automoboat” (which is infinitely more cooler sounding) is a three-seated electric amphibious vehicle – which means it can drive on both land and the water, while remaining environmentally friendly. Yes. It’s that awesome.

Now, as I’m sure most of you are aware, James Bond himself once drove one of these himself in the classic film The Spy Who Loved Me. That car was a Lotus Esprit, and conveniently converted itself into a submarine in Bond’s time of need. It was also a proven gas guzzler*.

And not nearly as cool looking as the Automoboat.

With the Hydron, Bond could not only still evade his enemies on land and on water, but have an environmentally clean conscience about it to boot. And while I’m sure this wasn’t Mr. Cardoso’s intention for the car, it was definitely the first thing that popped into my head when I read about it. So here we are.

Again, this is just a concept for just such a car, and is obviously still years away from ever becoming any kind of reality (which is a damn shame, for a variety of reasons). However, before you dismiss the idea of an electric amphibious hybrid car completely, consider this.

The FAA (which, just to be clear, is a legitimate government agency) has very recently approved a privately held company’s design…for a flying car. Suddenly the Automoboat doesn’t seem to far fetched after all, does it?

Sail free, sweet Automoboat. Your time will come.

When dreams become our reality, what will we have left to dream about?

(*I may not actually have any proof of this.)

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