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Hunger Awareness Day in Toronto. (Now with 100% more hunger awareness!)

I am not a selfish man by any means. Nor am I a greedy one. I am, however, a lazy man – and, as such, have rarely thrown my hat into the ol’ “helping less fortunate people” ring.

Until now.

Lu Makes a Run For His Soul

I reach out to you now, dear reader, with a cause that is near and dear to my heart, and my home. Hunger is not something any of us really think about on a daily basis. Hunger, to the majority of us, is that moment between meals when you debate whether or not you should tackle a Skorr bar before sitting down at the dinner table. Or, to another majority of us, it’s that moment at the end of the night when you’re on your way home from the bar and realize the ONLY way you’ll get to bed that night is by downing three slices of Pizza Pizza pizza and about six garlic dipping sauces, while periodically singing Journey and passing out.

But that’s not REAL hunger, is it? Real hunger is much more frightening and depressing…it’s frightening because the numbers are staggering, and it’s depressing because we are allowing it to happen in our own backyard.

Meanwhile, in Canada…

Due in part to the economy, there are literally thousands of Canadian households that simply cannot afford some of the staples (and things we take for granted) to live. Food is one of the worst for this; it’s more flexible than clothes, rent or health care, and it’s very easy to forgo nutritional value in favour of cheap eats.

According to the Hunger Awareness Day website, last year nearly 800,000 Canadians received aid from Food Bank Canada. If that number doesn’t seem like a lot to you, just remember – the entire population of Canada is only 30 million. Also, it’s Canada where this stuff isn’t supposed to happen anyways.

But it does.

So What’s This All About, Lu?

Well, for starters you can take a look at the Hunger Awareness Day I linked above (and then linked again about five words ago – check it out!)

But, for those of you living in the Toronto area, you can do one better. June 1st is officially Hunger Awareness Day (though, really, every day should be Hunger Awareness Day) and you can show your support and help out those in need by heading down to Nathan Phillips Square.

The Center of the Universe. (Not really).

On that day, the square will feature an art installation that hopes to invite the public to “step into the shoes of hunger.” People will be able to express their thoughts, concerns and ideas about hunger, and hungry people in Canada. You can visit and join their Facebook page here, and check out their Youtube video right here:

Hopefully people can come out and make this day a great success – the word needs to get out on hunger in Canada, and we need to do whatever we can to support the cause of all the wonderful people involved in this event.

Many thanks to the fine folks at Hunger Awareness, and I hope to see many of you there!

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Thanks so much for this post on hunger awareness day! I have added it to my blogroll so my readers can be informed too. Thanks!

Comment by thecrazylady

No problem…thank you so much for your kind words!

Comment by Luciano Galasso

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