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Mongolian Death Worm Discovered; Fact, Hoax or Elaborate Cover-Up? Part II.

The Mongolian Death Worm, a cryptid long believed to be a hoax, has been discovered by Kingston scientist Dr. Raymond Gavan. It was Dr. Gavan’s curiosity that brought he and his motley crew of adventure seekers to the Gobi Desert; it would be his obsession that brought them to disaster.

The Death Worm was apparently found – at least according to the testimonies of Gavan, Dr. Mortimer Schell and celebrity survival expert Howard Tremaine. Martin Becker, the young aspiring journalist that accompanied them on the journey, is not able to tell his account.

The young man did not make it back alive.

Dr. Raymond Gavan's interpretation of "The Death Worm." It is the closest thing to pictorial evidence of the worm's existence.

“It seems a bit too convenient, if you want my honest opinion,” says Kingston detective Clyde Bains. “These men trundle off into the desert, return without one of their team, and then blame it on some giant worm – with no photo or video evidence as proof. I’m not necessarily saying that that’s not what happened; nor am I suggesting that a definite crime has even been committed. It just seems a bit fishy, is all.”

Detective Bains’ concerns are not completely unjustified. The facts, as we know them, are this: five men entered the Gobi Desert a little over a week ago; only four returned. The two local Sherpas that accompanied Dr. Gavan and his crew have disappeared back into Mongolia – they cannot be found to confirm Gavan’s claims, nor would they probably be very effective if they were. Still, no formal charges have been laid against Dr. Gavan, or anyone else from his team.

“Look, the desert’s not a very safe place to begin with.” Det. Bains points out. “For that fact, neither is Mongolia in general. A million things could have happened to this guy (Martin Becker). For all we know, he might still be alive, disappeared into Mongolia or one of they outlying regions for God only knows what reason. Regardless, his parents want answers – and so do I. And right now, Dr. Gavan’s just aren’t cutting it.”

It is completely understandable just why the Kingston police force is having trouble taking Dr. Gavan’s account seriously. The inherent nature of what happened is difficult to believe as it is. Add to that general inconsistencies between each man’s version of the events, and you come to the same conclusion that Det. Bains did – it’s all a bit fishy.

Howard Tremaine, however, remains steadfast in his belief that what happened, happened.

“It was one of those (bleeping) moments in your life that seems to slow down and speed up all at (bleeping) once,” Tremaine says heavily over the phone. “Whatever we came to find, and let me just reiterate that I did not (bleeping) expect to find, we (bleeping) found it.”

The one consistency in each man’s report is the appearance of the creature.

“It was (bleeping) big, man,” Tremaine describes. “Four, five (bleeping) feet at least. Head – nothing but (bleeping) teeth. Dark red, real blotchy looking. Looked like a man’s (bleeping) guts come to eat your (bleeping) heart!” Tremaine takes a moment to pause. “Please, send my (bleeping) condolences to young Martin’s family.”

Gavan’s description is, not surprisingly, more scientific and less profane. Though it still remains consistent with Tremaine’s.

“About five feet long. Dark, mottled red, similar to the coloring of a kidney bean. It was genuinely fast, and very flexible. No legs – not quite like a snake, but similar. An eel, perhaps. Emitted a very high-pitched shriek when it surfaced. No, not a shriek – more like a whine. Like an engine starting up. Very quick, very agile…and the teeth. My god, so many teeth.”

Unfortunately, Dr. Schell was not available for interviews. Apparently the events of the expedition have taken their toll on the elder gentleman. Dr. Gavan insists that Dr. Schell is just in simple shock and will soon get over it; Dr. Schell’s wife, Meredith, feels otherwise.

“He’s a damn fool, Morty is,” she says sadly. “Came back from this damn trip looking ten years older. He won’t speak, won’t smile, won’t hardly look at me. Whatever he saw out there has done him in good, and I’m worried his mind may not be able to recover. He came back a changed man. He saw something, I can assure you of that. He won’t talk about it, but he saw it, whatever it was. Turned his hair completely white.”

Despite not being able to discuss the incident now, Dr. Schell does have a testimony of sorts. Dr. Gavan shows me a journal entry written by Schell moments after the incident. It is confusing, barely coherent – and more than a little frightening:

Sand parted…beast revealed. Screaming – Martin’s or mine??? Can’t tell – so much happening. Martin running, towards…gone. The monster remains, the man has gone…it has turned! Looking, searching…hungrily. No – curious. Hunger satisfied. Abated. Content with it’s meal. One last look – the teeth! The acid! My God…gone. My mind cannot comprehend…a sight, an ideal. What were we thinking??!

“That was pretty much how it happened,” Gavan says, picking up Dr. Schell’s thoughts. “It appeared, as if from no where – from the ground. Martin was running, screaming…and then – gone. Along with his equipment. There was nothing left. Nothing.”

The investigation into whether or not Dr. Raymond Gavan will be held accountable for the disappearance of Martin Becker is ongoing, but Det. Bains predicts that nothing much will come out of it. The lack of concrete proof of any wrongdoing on Gavan’s part, along with the absence of a body, has thrown a major roadblock in Bains’ police work. While the circumstantial evidence suggests that Gavan was probably involved in some way, there is nothing to back that up.

“Until some sign of Martin Becker shows up, there’s really not much for us to go on,” a clearly frustrated Det. Bains states. “It’s hard to let go of, and we won’t, but unfortunately there are just other pressing matters for us to deal with. The case will not be closed, but it seems that, at least for now, Raymond Gavan will not be charged or prosecuted.”

Dr. Gavan, for his part, remains dedicated to his initial testimony.

“Look, I know how this appears,” he says. “I understand that the story is hard to swallow. But I assure you, what happened did happen. Martin Becker gave his life hunting this creature, and maybe it was in vain…but I don’t think so. Any doubts I had about the Death Worm’s existence are gone. It does exist and it is out there. And I vow to find it again – not just for science, but to clear my own name. Martin will not have died in vain.”

Until that happens, the matter seems to be unofficially closed. Without a body, Martin Becker’s disappearance will be classified as just that. Dr. Gavan insists that he’s not done with the Death Worm – Howard Tremaine refused to comment on his future plans.

For now the Mongolian Death Worm, and the death of Martin Becker, remain a complete mystery.

[Disclaimer: Just to reiterate: this is a work of pure fiction. While the Mongolian Death Worm is a genuine cryptid (the name given to any mythic creature that cryptozoologists believe in, it has not been discovered. (That I know of). Any resemblance between the characters within this piece to actual people, living or dead is purely coincidental – and kind of cool! I hope you enjoy this bit of entertainment journalism – just trying something new!]


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Moar background on Det. Bain plz. Although i’m sure you’re working towards that… Good show old chap!

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