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Yuletide movies. (Now with 84% more Christmas cheer!)
December 22, 2009, 12:40 am
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We continue reveling in the Christmas spirit by looking at a few of the best movies ever made about this cheery holiday.

Having said that, I feel that I must add a disclaimer at the top of this article. Despite writing a top ten list about the best Christmas movies of all time (well, top eight) I have never seen two films that most people consider to be the best of all time. That’s right; I have never seen “It’s a Wonderful Life” nor have I seen “A Christmas Story”, two films that invariably find themselves at the top of these lists.

You might think that this makes me wholly unqualified to create such a countdown, and you may be right. Regardless, I’ve decided to power-on anyways, bringing you eight films instead of the usual ten. Rest assured that those two missing spots are reserved for these two holiday classics should I ever see them.

Enjoy then this truncated list, which will surely spark some kind of outrage within the online community…or here’s hoping it will, at least.

Eight: Elf. (2003).

Seven: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. (1989)

Six: The Nightmare Before Christmas. (1993)

Five: The Muppet Christmas Carol. (1992)

Four: Home Alone. (1990)

Three: A Christmas Carol. (1951)

Two: Scrooged. (1988)

One: Die Hard. (1988)


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