Inching towards mediocrity.

Toronto-vember. (Now with 55% more Christmas themed things to do!)


Little bit different today. I thought I’d let you all in on a few of the goings on in our fair city for the rest of this chilly month.

(For those not aware, I live, work and play in Toronto, Ontario – aka “New York of the North.”)

This is a bit of a departure from my usual daily drivel of confusing lists, quirky stories and inane baseball babble, but what the hell. This was already a hodge-podge grab bag of useless internet information, and there’s no point in slowing that down anytime soon.

So, in a misguided effort to secure my internet blogger-of-all-trades status, I bring you my first edition of:

What the EFF is GOING ON, Toronto? (the latter half of November edition.)

Your mileage may vary.

Christmas Remembered.

Visit the Black Creek Pioneer Village from November 21st to December 31st to enjoy a Victorian-style Christmas. I’m not 100% sure what that is (I’m a writer, not a historian!) but it sounds like a fun mustache twirling, top-hat wearing time. Which is about everything I know about Victorian era anything.

SYNC Night – “Stuff Ad People Like” Industry Event.

This is probably the only non-Christmas related event likely to occur in the coming weeks, so high five to THAT. “Stuff Ad People Like” is a site designed to showcase the more humorous side of advertising, written by ad people for ad people. Mingle with industry types at the Hideout as you sip cocktails and groove along to bands like “Young Rival” and “Creature.”

One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale.

From November 26 to December 6th, you can browse a wide variety of unique Christmas gifts and decorations created by Canadian artists at the Direct Energy Centre. Great for people who like to get the jump on their Christmas shopping – unlike me, who you’ll most likely find frantically tearing apart the shelves at my local LCBO on December 23rd. And who knows when I’ll find time to shop for Christmas?

Trail of Lights at Downsview Park.

Downsview Park has a three-kilometer trail decorated with light displays for your viewing pleasure from November 27th to January 3rd. And THEN…

Toronto’s Cavalcade of Lights.

This light show kicks off in Nathan Phillips Square on November 28th with fireworks, entertainment and tree-lighting, and then continues until December 31st in neighborhoods around the city. FLAME ON!

The Gourmet Food and Wine Expo.

Now we’re talking. The Metro Toronto Convention Center hosts this annual opportunity to sample and buy gourmet wines and foods from November 19th to the 22nd. Not to sound like the proverbial Grinch, but don’t the non-Christmas themed events sound like a lot more fun? ‘Tis the Season!

Toronto ComiCON

Perhaps I spoke to soon. But if this is your thing, head on over to the Metro Center again on November 22nd to catch up with your favorite wizards and superheroes and whatever.

Whole Life Expo 2009

Speaking of fun…once again at the Convention Center, this time on the 29th, you can check out some natural health and green living, organic foods, healthy shit and…uh.

When’s that wine one again?

Alright, sir. That seems to be the majority of major events and conventions that our fair city can look forward to hosting for the next couple of weeks. If the mood strikes me again, I may revisit this concept in my never ending quest to be your singular source of information for…what the EFF is GOING ON, Toronto?!?

Sweet wrap-up, Lu.


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