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November 2, 2009, 5:41 pm
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So, Hallwe’en has come and gone. Another year, another scare, another horribly expensive costume that took me months to prepare for the sole purpose of showing it off for one. single. night.

And show it off, I did! (I was a Ghostbuster if anyone’s interested. PROTON PACK AND ALL!)

But I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately. Or, at least a disturbing trend to me personally, as someone who notices stuff like this.

People don’t seem to be feeling the whole Hallowe’en costume vibe these days. Now, I’m aware that it’s “supposedly” more for the young’uns then for strapping young adults such as myself, but the hell with that.

I only get to be a Ghostbuster one day of the year. I accept that.

But when that day comes, I am going to ROCK THAT SHIT.

I totally get that some people don’t like dressing up. It makes sense, I suppose. But if you’re actually going to go out, whether it’s to a party, or a bar, or just on the town…at least put in some effort!

And you can easily accomplish this by not going to overboard or out of the way. You don’t have to slather yourself in makeup and fake wigs and dresses to be considered “dressed-up”. You just gotta put in a little bit of extra effort to wear something you wouldn’t normally wear, that comes off as at least somewhat clever.

For instance: FBI guy. Throw on a dark suit, some kind of trenchcoat, maybe some sunglasses and an FBI I.D., and voila. Decent costume.

Flip-side: Hippie. Throw on a tie-dyed t-shirt and…uh. Yeah. Not a decent costume.

Come on people! I built a whole PROTON PACK.

It gets worse. My friend Alex James told me about a girl at a party he went to, dressed in her regular street clothes…until light hit her body to reveal sparkling skin. She was a vampire from “Twilight.”

That. Doesn’t. Count.

Also, an adult dressed like a Twilight vampire…seriously?!? Have I fallen so far behind the times that THIS is considered socially acceptable?

(And god only knows how many Twilight “vampires” were to be seen this year.)

I’ll I’m saying is that with a little creativity and effort, it’s easy as pumpkin pie to embrace the Spirit of Hallowe’en.

Or, just say you’re going as the Toronto Blue Jays, and then not show up.


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