Inching towards mediocrity.

Rumble in the Bronx.


Slugfest. It was indeed last night at Yankee Stadium in New York City, and in more ways than one.

(Specifically, two ways.)

First of all, the Jays offense was on fire – launching five home runs to win the game 10-4. Adam Lind, Edwin Encarnacian and Jose Bautista each hit one out of the park, with rookie Travis Snider adding two of his own.

The pitcher was the ever reliable Roy Halladay (15-8), who pitched respectively, if not spectacularly, allowing only two runs in seven innings.

Then came the eighth inning…where things REALLY got out of hand.

A huge rumble erupted in the bottom of the eighth, with reliever Jess Carlson pitching. Carlson, in apparent retaliation for an earlier attack on Aaron Hill, threw a pitch behind the back of Yankees catcher Jorge Posada. Posada, none to pleased with this turn of events, had some words with Carlson that briefly cleared both teams benches. Umpire Jim Joyce seemed to settle the matter, and Carlson promptly walked Posada. A few batters later, all hell broke loose.

Carlson allowed a single that scored Posada; on his way back to his dugout, he elbowed Carlson. Carlson fired some remarks back at Posada, and then it was ON.

Joyce immediately ejected Posada, but that didn’t stop him from charging Carlson with Barajas caught in the middle of the fray, attempting to protect his pitcher. Then both teams were on the field, brawling in a huge dog pile of testosterone-y madness, resulting in both Posada and the Jay’s pitcher being sent packing.

Pretty intense.

Now, the Jays have had some trouble lately with getting beaned by other teams pitchers, especially the Yankees and the Red Sox. Whether by accident or not, it all seems a bit convenient. While I do not condone fighting in professional sports (it’s weird to see a group of grown MILLIONAIRES scuffling like drunken frat boys), I think it was about time one of the Jays stepped up to deliver a message. Carlson swears that it wasn’t intentional; just a bad pitch. But it TOTALLY WAS.

Whether or not suspensions are handed out remains to be seen; it was a foolish move on Posada’s part at any rate. While the Jays have pretty much nothing to lose, the Yankees will be heading into the playoffs soon. A suspended player, or worse, an injured player is not something they want or need.

All in all, it was kind of fun to see at least some passion from our boys on the field, even if it may have been directed poorly. But, hey, apparently John MacDonald punched Yankees manager Joe Girardi in the head, so I guess that’s something.


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